Thursday, 19 April 2012

Positive and Negative Effects of the Industrial Revolution, and conclusion!

Here are two tables stating the positive and negative effects on the Industrial Revolution on society, mainly Britan.

Positive Effects:

Population Growth
(from agricultural changes)
·         Larger pool of workers for factories
·         Higher demand for goods made in factories
Increased wealth of businessmen
·         More factories being set up to produce goods – thus decreasing the price of goods
·         Provide funding for inventors – thus inventors are able to come up with new, beneficial inventions.
Increased wealth of country
·         Higher  standards of living
·         Improved living conditions

Globalized Economy
·         Wider range of goods available at a reasonable price
·         Increased economical activity starting in Britan, then the world
·         Allowed different people to mix (eg, when farmers were forced to move and integrate into the city, a more diverse population with diverse skills)
·         Due to the diverse population, people were more likely to be evaluated based on their talents, not their nationality, race or religion.

Negative Effects

Population Growth
·         Larger pool of workers for factories resulted in factory owners reducing the standards of living for them (eg, factory condition, wages) as there was always someone willing to work for less. Child labour and the ill-treatment of employees became a common sight
Social Classes
·         The distinction between social classes became clearer as the income gap between the businessmen and the workers widened

·         Low hygiene standards, poor living conditions. Overcrowding was due to the sudden movement of many people to the same area (because many farmers lost their land and jobs. Rats, insects and other pests became common. Diseases were spread more easily, also due to the crowded, frigid atmosphere of many factories. Children were not given an education, they were mainly just sent to factories to work to support poor families.


The Industrial Revolution was a significant revolution in society. Though it has many negative impacts, the positive impacts and influence on the world today outweigh the negative impacts. For example, we would not have clothes and food so readily and easily available and affordable had it not been for the invention of machines. The main point of revolution is change, usually meant in a positive way in the long run. Without any change, one would be still living in a world with expensive clothes, and no computer! The industrial revolution caused major changes in society, mainly the economy, because of the influx of many new ideas, mindsets and invention, which allowed the commercial industry to be as it is today.


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    negative: environmental damage, exploitation, political corruption

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